Hogan’s Ex-Wife Engaged To 21-Year-Old

If Hulk Hogan wanted to pull “an O.J.” when he found out his wife was sleeping with a teenager, I believe he may be shopping for a pair of extra small gloves after hearing this news.

Linda Hogan, Hulk’s ex-wife, is engaged to the now 21-year-old Charlie Hill. The couple is set to marry next summer.

Hill was a classmate of the Hogan children Brooke and Nick. Brook is actually a year older than her future step-daddy.

This young guy is living a dream. He’s “beating down”(having sex with) Hulk’s ex-wife, living in Hulk’s former massive 20,000 square foot mansion in Tampa, driving his former cars and will be married, you guessed it, on Hulk’s former yacht next summer.

Charlie Hill will also be enjoying those DD’s that Hogan paid for. This is the real ‘American Dream.’

Whatcha gonna do, Linda Hogan engaged (OTL)

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