The Florida Marlins Actually Thought That A Post Game Diddy Concert Would Help Ticket Sales

As we’re all aware, the Florida Marlins have a bit of an issue when it comes to selling tickets. No matter how good the team is, it seems that folks in Miami just don’t care to come out and support their team as they play other teams filled with players that they have traded away.

Knowing that this dilemma exists, the Marlins are trying to look for anything to get people to not participate in more enjoyable activities like hitting South Beach and attend their games. So the logical decision is to try to bring the South Beach party atmosphere to the ballpark. And the illogical decision is to use a concert by Diddy to try to capture that atmosphere. But that’s exactly what the Marlins did.

And as you may have guessed, it failed miserably.

With average attendance in the Major League Baseball’s basement, the Florida Marlins have been bringing an extra ooomph in the entertainment value of a Saturday night at the ball park with concerts and fireworks. So, the fish had rapper and music mogul Sean Diddy Combs do his thang on stage after losing to the Atlanta Braves Saturday. Well, the seats with butts in them were still pretty scarce, but Combs did rock the joint!

Not sure how one can measure if a joint has been rocked if said joint is empty, but kudos to Diddy for a great show that no one saw. I guess.

Diddy tries to puff up Marlins attendance (Palm Beach Post)

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