Dressing Like John Daly Has Somehow Caught On

As you know obviously know by now, we love John Daly around these parts. I’ll also venture to say that a good amount of you also love him for some reason or another. Even in our admiration of Daly just being a regular guy, it must be said that everything Daly does just can’t be agreed with.

Case in point, his wardrobe.

Now, I know his choice of clothing should be taken very lightheartedly. It is only to be used for our amusement. Unfortunately, some among us don’t understand that. They believe that pieces of Daly’s wardrobe belong in their closet. And Daly’s ensemble during the British Open only heightened the need for those people to look John Dalyish.

“The amount of attention we received each day was incredible,” Alan Wallace, sales director at Loudmouth [Golf], said in an e-mail. “We had a 40 percent increase in sales during the entire tournament.”

Daly’s sponsorship deal is dependent on sales. The two-time major winner and his girlfriend were selling trousers in St. Andrews in the evening of July 15, after Daly had finished the opening round in third place, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Wallace declined to release total sales figures for the British Open or Loudmouth’s annual revenue. Daly, who was 6- under par after the first round, finished tied for 48th place at 1-over.

Don’t even know where to go after all that. I’ll just let you sit and think about people actually spending money on something that allows them to dress like John Daly.

Only in America.

Daly Takes His Cherry Bomb Trousers to Canada After `Extreme’ British Open (Bloomberg)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I own several pairs of LoudMouth pants. Why look like everyone else? Lighten up and have some fun! Plus, at golf tournaments everyone wants to meet you.

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