Does This Look Like A Man That Would Fail A Physical?

Allow me to answer that for you……Why yes, it does.

Now before we all jump on Ravens rookie, Terrance Cody about failing his physical, it must be said that there are guys on every team that come to camp out of shape. It’s just a fact of NFL life.

And besides, it’s not like Cody has been sitting around doing nothing all summer. He’s actually down to 360 lbs.. Now that’s progress that some conditioning test can’t show.

Now that I’ve attempted to try to give Mount Cody some credit, we can now proceed to jumping all over him.

Baltimore Ravens second-round draft pick Terrence Cody failed his conditioning test Tuesday and was not permitted to participate in the team’s first training camp practice.

The 360-pound defensive tackle out of Alabama signed a three-year contract Monday and arrived at McDaniel College eager to launch his NFL career. But after flunking his physical, he was placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list (PUP).

“Part of our process is everybody’s got to pass the conditioning test to be sure they’re ready to compete,” coach John Harbaugh said after Tuesday’s practice. “It’s going to be hot out here, our practices are fast. We’ve got to be sure guys are physically ready to practice at the pace we’re practicing at.

“So, when he passes the conditioning test, he’ll practice.”

After dropping to the 2nd round in the draft because of this very issue, you would think he would’ve learned his lesson. I guess not.
Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me the least bit if it’s awhile before Cody sees the field.

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