Desperate For A Fight, Jose Canseco Fights A 60 Year Old Man….And Loses

Jose Canseco’s reputation as an MMA fighter took a hit after an embarrassing exhibition in Arkansas. Canseco took on University of Arkansas-Little Rock Associate Athletic Director Gary Hogan in the “Rock ’em, Sock ’em Rumble by the River” promotion for a minor league baseball team. Both men boxed four rounds and when the dusk settled, Hogan was declared the winner. Canseco did a little trash talking but it was obvious that he wasn’t trying to knock him out. He also gave Hogan some props as well.

It’s an exhibition. I had a great time. I’ve gotta a lot of respect for Gary. Just coming out here and fighting a guy 15 years his junior, he’s got some [guts].”

Hogan on the other hand thought Canseco gave it his all.

“He did [throw his heavy artillery at me],” said Hogan. “I took some shots but the bottom line is, I’m used to taking shots. I felt good in there. I wasn’t tired, my conditioning was unbelievable. I thought he got tired there in the third and fourth rounds.”

Hogan’s comment about his condition and about Canseco being tired in between rounds is too funny. This goes to show that old men have egos too and for him to think he really outlasted Canseco is just priceless. I bet the next time Canseco is in the ring with an old man, he’s going to go for the knockout.

Canseco loses fight against 60-year-old (Cagewriter)

Video: Jose Canseco Goes Down In Defeat Boxing Against Gary Hogan (Arkansas Sports 360)

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