Chili’s Reponds To Steve Carell’s “Decision” At The ESPYs In A Manner That Only Dan Gilbert Would Understand

I guess we may as well face it. LeBron’s “Decision” will forever be mentioned and subject to parody for as long as we live. Just get used to it. It’s gonna happen. So don’t fight it.

Now I know that it’s gotten really old, but because you’re not fighting it, every now and then a worthwhile parody seeps through the cracks. This qualifies as “every now and then”.

The restaurant chain “Chili’s” seemed to have their world rocked by Steve Carell’s “decision” to take his appetite to Outback Steakhouse during the ESPYs and they’ve released their response.

In Comic Sans font, of course.

Well played, Chili’s. Well played indeed.

Media Bistro via Out of Bounds

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