Cavs Fans Can Now Drown Their LeBron James Sorrows With A Glass Of ‘Quitness’ Ale

Quitness Ale

It’s been a little over a week ago that LeBron James stepped on the hearts of Cavs fans on national television. And up until today, those fans have been doing everything they can to cope. But now that the jerseys have been burned, Dan Gilbert has spoken, and the banner has been removed, what’s left for a Cavs fan to do? How about getting drunk from beer dedicated to LeBron James which is aptly named, “Quitness”?

Great Lakes Brewing Company announced the release of its latest brew: “Quitness.” The dry hopped India Pale Ale has a notably bitter taste, symbolic of the forgettable ending of James’ era with the Cavaliers, according to the brewery.

The first keg was tapped at 4 p.m. at the company’s brewpub in Ohio City, and ran out at about 7 p.m. — 30 gallons later.

“Connecting to our city, our fans and our community has made Great Lakes Brewing Company what it is today,” the brewery’s co-owner Patrick Conway said in a release.

“Rest assured Cleveland – GLBC isn’t going anywhere and we will continue to win world [beer] championships.”

See, there is hope for Cleveland after all. Drink up Cavs fans.

Great Lakes Brewery releases ‘Quitness’ ale, sold out in 3 hours (WEWS)

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