YouTube Adds A Vuvuzela Button Presumingly To Piss You Off

Whether you like it or not, the term “vuvuzela” has undoubtedly been a part of your sporting life. We heard them during soccer matches. We’ve seen them at baseball games. They’re causing sickness and injuries. They’re pretty much everywhere. And we’ve all just about had enough of them.

But sadly, the more we want to get rid of them, the more they keep popping up. Case in point, the new “vuvuzela button” that the folks at YouTube have decided to add to certain videos.

The folks over at Tech Crunch have the scoop on the annoying developments.

Some time in the last hour, the world’s largest video portal activated a new button on some videos that looks like a tiny soccer ball. Clicking it will activate an endless, incredibly annoying sound that sounds vaguely like a swarm of insects. Or, for anyone who has been watching the World Cup, like the dreaded Vuvuzela — an instrument commonly played in South Africa at football (soccer) games.

Yep folks, the vuvuzela is taking over the world. Better get those emergency supplies together.

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