Will An Aquarium That Doubles As A Backstop Convince People To Attend A Marlins Game? Probably Not

Boy that was a little harsh wasn’t it? But you know, sometimes the truth can be harsh. And the truth is no one attends Florida Marlins games. Well, except for the couple of people that do, but we can all agree that those people are no one.

And what else do we know? We know that the allure of an in-park aquarium probably still won’t convince anyone to attend a Marlins game. But since the notion that the Marlins brass thinks it may is really amusing, we’ll discuss it. And the determination of the discussion to follow will be that this aquarium won’t change a thing.

Now, on to the facts and said discussion.

The “backstop aquariums” will flank the two sides of home plate. So, like, you can watch the fish when you’re not washing the Fish. We’re told the material used for the see-through paneling is the same type of stuff used in bullet-proof glass. Still, you have to wonder what the unexpected impact of a Stephen Strasburg fastball will do to the fish.

Ready to discuss?

Yeah, I agree it won’t change a thing. But thanks for playing, Marlins.

Will Wild Pitches Scare the Fish? (Miami Herald)

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