Who Needs To Watch The World Cup In An Actual Stadium When You Can Watch It In Your Living Room……Stadium

Yes, that’s what you think it is. And yes, someone actually took the time to do that. But really, can you blame them?

Yeah, I can too. But you have to give it to them, it is pretty impressive. I mean, really. Look at all that detail. The masterfully done painting. The undoubtedly uncomfortable turf that has replaced the living room floor. And don’t forget the mural of surprisingly well behaved onlookers watching a soccer match.

Simply breathtaking

Alright. Alright. I’ll stop blowing smoke and get to what exactly went through this couple’s with an inordinate amount of time on their hands mind. Because frankly, the world needs to know.

Sports fan Mark Thompson has spent £400 transforming his living room into a football stadium.

Mark, 45,and his 55-year-old wife Karen decked out their lounge with England emblem wallpaper, erected a towering stadium mural, festooned it with St George flags and marked out their green carpet with a six-yard box and penalty spot.

The project features three false walls, including one covering the entire front window, a painted crowd of spectators and flags and bunting extending into a St George-themed gazebo in the back garden.

Mark spent weeks planning the project and buying all the equipment before putting everything up with brother-in-law Peter Fisher, ready for England’s first game against the USA this weekend.

He said, ‘I was going to do a theme then I was looking on the internet, I was just looking on sites for the football things and I just thought the stadium would look good.

‘I was going to get wallpaper with heads on so it looked like a crowd but we couldn’t get hold of it anywhere so we had to go for the England paper, which has only just come out. We only got it delivered last week so I couldn’t sort it until the weekend.

‘I’ve built three false walls. The mural of the stadium is right across the front window. We’ve still got light coming from the back. We’ve put the green carpet down as well. The six-yard box goes round the TV, then further back there’s an 18-yard box and then there’s a penalty box in the middle.

‘I’ve taken all the furniture out and just put garden type chairs in, we’ve left the settee in there and the dining table chairs with cushions and we’ve got bar stools at the back.

‘We’ve got bunting up as well, flags outside and a big gazebo in the back with a huge St George’s cross on it.

‘My daughter lives in New Zealand, she’s 25, so she’s seen the pictures on Facebook. She knows I’m mad anyway, but she thinks it’s cool.’

And just what have you done with your living room? Nothing? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Football’s coming home: Fan creates World Cup stadium in his living room (Daily Mail)

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