Steve Smith Suffers Broken Arm Playing Flag Football

Carolina fans had to be feeling pretty good about their team after finally getting rid of Jake Delhomme and quite possibly getting the steal of the draft in Jimmy Clausen. Yep, things were definitely looking up. Now, comes the news that brings them back down to earth.

Steve Smith has a broken arm.

Now comes the news that will have them more pissed off than they were about the initial news.

Steve Smith broke his arm playing flag football.

Isn’t it just grand to be a Carolina Panthers fan?

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith broke his left arm Sunday playing flag football and has already had surgery to insert a plate.

Smith was reaching for a pass that went over his head and when he fell, tried to catch himself with his left arm. He broke a bone near the same area where he broke the arm late last season against the New York Giants.

“Steve has talked to me and feels terrible about it,” says Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney. “Now his focus is on the rehabilitating process and getting back as quickly as he can.”

Looks like the Panthers’ 2010 campaign is off to a “we’re gonna miss the playoffs” start.

Panthers star Steve Smith suffers broken arm (Charlotte Observer)

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