South African Man killed For watching World Cup

Apparently not everyone in South Africa is excited that the nation was chosen to host the World Cup; this is the first time the tournament has been played in Africa.

In a story that resembles one of a bad movie, 61-year-old David Makoeya was killed Sunday by his wife, adult son and daughter.

A dispute ensued after Makoeya usurped remote control activities and decided to watch the Germany v. Austria match instead of a religious program.

After being forced to give up the remote, Makoeya proceeded to change the channel by hand but was then attacked by his 68-year-old wife Francine and then his son Collin, 36, and daughter Lebogang, 23, joined in the battle which resulted in the man’s death.

Al three were arrested, but Lebogang, his daughter, was released on $200 bail on Tuesday.

Makoeya was buried on Sunday and was from the Makweya Village in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

South Africa man killed by family for watching World Cup (Johannesburg AP via FOX Sports)

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