Since He Can’t Make Money On The Golf Course Anymore, John Daly Turns To Lawsuits

The past couple of years have been rough for John Daly to say the least. The man has went from being a well respected PGA golfer to a very entertaining sideshow who has battled drinking problems and most recently, has acquired an affinity for selling his homemade merchandise outside the gates of the Masters.

I, for one, have no problem with this new John Daly. I gotta say that I truly enjoy his transparency and his willingness to pull up his RV at maybe the most prestigious golf tournament in the world and turn the place into a flea market. If you can’t respect a man that does that, well I don’t know what to say about you.

Sadly though, this type of lifestyle doesn’t make you a lot of money. So John Daly was at a crossroad. His choices are 1) keep rolling around in the RV selling John Daly merchandise or 2) Find someone to sue for $100 million.

As you may have guessed, Daly chose door #2

Golfer John Daly, known as much for his girth and drinking as his powerful swing and funky wardrobe, is no longer looking for a golf payday.

He’s banking on a lawsuit he filed in a Palm Beach County court against several defendants, including a children’s charity.

Daly, 44, wants $100 million because, he says, an injury he suffered at the 2007 Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens has damaged his game.

Daly filed two years ago after a woman taking pictures jumped in front of him in mid-swing. Daly claimed in the paperwork he aborted the movement because he feared killing the woman but felt his rib cage pop out. The paperwork reads that Daly and other players unsuccessfully tried three times before the incident to have security kick the unidentified woman off the course.

And that concludes our John Daly update for today.

Golfer John Daly wants $100 million for Honda Classic injury (The Palm Beach Post)

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