The Marlins Wants Us All To Feel Like We Were There For Roy Halladay’s Perfect Game

If you don’t live in Miami, or even if you do, the chances are pretty high that you weren’t in attendance for Roy Halladay’s perfect game over the weekend. So yes, you missed out on a chance to tell your grandkids, “I was in the ballpark for Roy Halladay’s perfect game”.

Or did you?

If you plan to be one of those grandparents that does a little stretching of the truth so the grandkids can think you lived a life like no other, then the Florida Marlins has an offer for you. Starting today, the Marlins are selling unused tickets from the Halladay perfection game. And get this…..They’ll be regularly priced. Yes, the Marlins need your money in the worst way.

You can own a piece of Phillies history, even if you weren’t there to witness it. Today, the Florida Marlins will begin selling unused tickets to Roy Halladay’s perfect game at the box office and online. Tickets will be regularly priced.

“There have only been 20 perfect games, so they will grow in value somewhat, but I wouldn’t go betting my kids’ college education on it,” said Ted Taylor, of STAT Authentic LLC, an Abington-based collectible company.

“The ticket is more significant if you were there. I think the people who would purchase this ticket are doing so more for curiosity’s sake, because these aren’t going to go up very much.”

Just wait until your grandkids hear about the perfect game you didn’t really attend. Boy won’t they be impressed.

Marlins selling unused tickets from Halladay’s perfect game (Philadelphia Daily News)

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