Let’s All Watch Lou Piniella Rip Steve Stone

Like many of Chicago Cubs’ seasons, this season has been pretty frustrating. Trust me, as a Cubs fan, I know.

So what happens when a manager’s frustration boils over? He wants to bypass any real baseball conversation and spend a good deal of time ranting about how tired he is of getting criticized.

Oh and he rips for Cubs, now White Sox broadcaster, Steve Stone. For good measure, of course.

Via Chicago Breaking Sports

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  1. Well, as usual Stoney is right. I’m a regular fan and I figured out that Tyler Colvin will run circles around Alfonso Soriano both on defense and with the bat. So, why isn’t he entrenched in left field ? Soriano’s bat is sporadic at best and he can’t figure out where the ball is half the time in the field. But, he is a veteran. Managers like Lou (ex-major leaguer) will always play the veteran when given the option because they think that a veteran is owed. It doesn’t matter that the rookie is a better player. That’s the way it is. And of course, baseball mentality would never allow a million dollar player to sit on the bench even if he is hitting 260 and the rookie has the potential to hit 320. That’s how baseball operates. A player these days does not have to look over his shoulder or worry about his performance. He could give it his all or go through the motions. It doesn’t matter because in the end he will collect his paycheck. What a sad state of affairs.

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