Lebron’s Hometown Throwing A Please Stay Party

LeBron James It’s party time, oh its party time. Guess who’s having a party on Saturday in Akron, Ohio.

You got it. King James himself. The town of Akron has scheduled a three-hour party to take place in InfoCision’s Stadium at the University of Akron.

There one huge problem with the intended soiree, organizers don’t know if the “guest of honor,” LeBron James will attend.

Obviously, LeBron doesn’t want to show up to a coercion party in his honor and then break the hearts of his hometown fans on July 1, 2010 when he signs with another team.

Yes. He will sign with another team. Tom Izzo already got that memo, that’s why he staying at Michigan State.

So Cleveland Cavs fans will filled up InfoCision Satdium on Saturday to beg LeBron to stay. Folks will be crying, offering burnt sacrifices, with The Beatles ‘Yesterday’ playing in the background all while praying for a miracle.

It will be all in vain. LeBron is not God, the Messiah or any other spiritual deity that has any significant power; he’s a man. While I slightly empathize with the good people of Ohio, they need to have a reality check.

The city, team and fans will survive.

Akron set to throw party for Lebron (AP via FOX Sports)

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