LeBron Shows Up To ‘LeBron Appreciation Day’ Just In Time To See Everyone Leaving

Today was the day that everything was to be put to bed. Today was the day that LeBron James was supposed to be convinced that there was no reason for him to suit up for any team other than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Today was “LeBron Appreciation Day” in LeBron’s hometown of Akron Ohio.

Sadly, there wasn’t much appreciating going on because LeBron didn’t make an appearance until many of the appreciative fans had already hit the door.

With thousands of his hometown fans already gone or leaving “LeBron Appreciation Day” on Saturday, James walked through a side entrance into nearly empty InfCision Stadium on the University of Akron’s campus and made his way down to the playing field.

As fans screamed and pushed to get a look at the superstar, James, who lives a short drive from the school, was presented with a crystal trophy, which had already been placed back inside a box before his surprise appearance.

It should be noted that LeBron never committed to appear this event. But you and I both know how this will be spun. Or better yet, how some will take this as an indication that he’s not returning to Cleveland. But all this really indicates is that LeBron may need a new watch.

James fashionably late for ‘LeBron Appreciation Day’ in Akron (CBS Sports)

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