Koman Coulibaly Is Told To Sit This One Out By FIFA

Odds are that you had no idea who Koman Coulibaly was before Friday. But boy, do you know him now.

He’s the man that single-handedly ruined your entire weekend and provided every news outlet covering the World Cup a lead story for their broadcast. Quite a talented man, right?

Well, it looks like Coulibaly may done dazzling us with those talents for a while because FIFA has decided that we’ve had our fill of tournament changing missed called for at least this week.

Controversial referee Koman Coulibaly was left off FIFA’s list for the next batch of World Cup matches following the error that cost the United States a victory against Slovenia.

Yahoo! Sports revealed on Friday that Coulibaly was “highly unlikely” to take any further part in the tournament after being given a poor evaluation by assessors following his decision to disallow Maurice Edu’s 86th-minute goal. FIFA confirmed yesterday that Coulibaly will not play any part in Tuesday or Wednesday’s matches, which will include Team USA’s critical Group C finale against Algeria.

Boy, FIFA is smart leaving the door open to ref games later in the World Cup. Because frankly, everyone loves a comeback story. Even if that comeback allows him to screw yet another country. For his sake, and safety, I hope he doesn’t screw a country that actually cares about soccer. That could get ugly.

FIFA drops referee after dropped call (Yahoo! Sports)

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