Kobe and Phil begin their quest for another title

Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson have, by far, been the most accomplished player/coach duo in the NBA since this century began.

Bryant, who already has four NBA titles, including this year’s Finals, has appeared in 7 of the last 11 NBA Finals series. While Jackson has coached in 13 of the last 20 Finals series dating back to 1991.

Tonight in Los Angeles, the two will face off against the Lakers’ franchise most hated rival, the Boston Celtics. These two teams have been going at it since the 60’s, but the rivalry hit its peak during the Bird-Magic years of the 80’s.

In the past few years, with the arrival of the ‘Big 3’ in Boston, the teams are meeting in the NBA Finals for the second time in three years, with the Celtics winning the last match-up in 2008.

Kobe Bryant, in many ways, is like Phil’s former pupil Michael Jordan. He’s athletic, skilled and on any given night, is the most intense player on the court. The only glaring difference between the two is Jordan appeared in and won all 6 of his NBA Finals series and Kobe is 4-2.

These two teams are no stranger to the NBA Finals, in fact its their second home.The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics have combined to win half of the NBA’s titles with 32 between them. In two weeks, one of these legendary franchises is going to have another Larry O’Brien Trophy to add to the mantle.

With a 2010 NBA Finals win, Phil will have an 11th title as a head coach, he’s already the all-time leader with 10 and Kobe Bryant will become the greatest Laker ever with a 5th title.

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