Isiah Thomas Has Just Guaranteed That The Knicks Won’t Get LeBron James

The New York Knicks had enough issues to deal with in their pursuit of LeBron James. You know those, horrible roster and horrible team issues? Yeah those issues. But lo and behold, the one man whose name makes every New Yorker’s skin crawl had to go ahead and cause even more problems by chiming in on what he thinks that LeBron should do.

The New York Knicks fired Isiah Thomas as coach two years ago, but he still hopes they cash in during the LeBron James sweepstakes.
Thomas said Tuesday that he thinks James should continue his career in the Big Apple.

“Go to New York,” Thomas advised. “It’s the biggest stage.”

And there it is. The proverbial “Isiah Thomas jinx”.

Thomas, if anyone, knows how difficult New York is. He was unpopular after finishing 33-49 in 2006-07 and 23-59 in 2007-08.

He thinks James can handle the spotlight.

“I think it’s the hardest place to win,” he said. “I think it presents the greatest challenge.”

Welp, looks like we can scratch the Knicks off the list of potential landing spots for LeBron. There’s just no way that he could play for them after this. No way at all.

Isiah Thomas: LeBron should go to NY (AP)

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