Haynesworth May Be Getting Sued

The Washington Redskins’ $100M man, Albert Haynesworth is having a little money problems.

No, it’s not that he doesn’t have money, but apparently he has ignored his financial obligations to Clayton Bank & Trust of Tennessee. According to USA Today’s website, Haynesworth hasn’t been making payments on his $2.4M loan and potentially will be sued for the funds.

Why would a man that signed a $100M contract last summer need a loan? Better question: Why hasn’t he paid it back, he received a $21M bonus in April.

With the addition of his recent money woes, these past few months have been somewhat ‘difficult’ for the 2-time Pro Bowler. His new coach, Mike Shanahan, has ordered a change of defensive scheme, a change that will cause Haynesworth to play nose tackle.

Haynesworth reaction, he missed a two-day mini camp to express his anger and disagreement. The 29-year-old star was fined $10,000 for the infraction and will likely be released before the start of the season.

Report:Banks sues Redskins’ Haynesworth (FOX Sports)

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