Darrelle Revis Is About To Get Paid, Maybe

And when I say paid, I mean PAID. Well, that’s if you want to believe the notorious “sources” that always have the info that we all want to know. But if the “sources” turn out to be right, Darrelle Revis will be a happy camper.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the Jets are willing to reward Revis with the biggest contract ever given to a defensive back, one that could even exceed $100 million.

What the Jets appear ready to do instead is add six years to the existing deal, a total package that, when added to the remaining $21 million Revis is owed would approach $100 million or more. That deal, which would average around $12 million per season, would keep Revis with the Jets until he is 33.

That should cure those bouts of lightheadedness that he’s been experiencing lately.

Glauber: Jets soon will pay off Revis (Newsday)

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