Charlie Villanueva Answers All Of Your NBA Free Agency Questions

Detroit Pistons forward, Charlie Villanueva took time out of his busy offseason to make your NBA free agency ride a little less bumpy. Because Villanueva is such a great guy, he took to Twitter last night and answered the three big questions surrounding the free agency period that begins on Thursday.

1. Will LeBron re-sign with the Cavs?
2. Will Dwayne Wade re-sign with the Heat?
3. Where will Chris Bosh sign?

We’ll start with #3.

Guess this is where I comfort the Toronto Raptors fans and congratulate the Miami Heat fans. Because once Charlie Villanueva chimes in, you might as well take it to the bank.

So sorry Raptors fans. Sucks for you.

And congrats Heat fans on two fronts. You guys get Bosh and it pretty much means that Wade re-signs. So that takes care of questions #3 and #2.

But what about the million dollar question? The question everyone in Cleveland is losing sleep over. Well Cavs fans, Charlie V is here with your bad news.

So there you have it. Charlie Villanueva has made it so that you know longer need to follow ever report about the big NBA free agents. Doesn’t it feel good?

Via @CV31

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