Arrest Warrant Issued For Eddy Curry

New York Knicks’ center, Eddy Curry is a wanted man. Not because of his play on the court. We all know that no one wants him for that. But because of some money that he refuses to pay up on from a civil suit against him. And according to the Chicago Sun Times, it revolves around a sexual relationship with an underage girl.

A Cook County judge issued an arrest warrant for one-time Chicago Bulls center Eddy Curry, who was a no-show at a hearing this month to pay what’s left in a legal settlement reached after he was sued, according to a source, for allegedly having sex with an underage girl when he was 18.

If that doesn’t look bad enough the lawsuit also contains allegations of sexual battery and abuse against Curry.

The current litigation stems from the woman’s 2005 lawsuit against Curry. Documents filed by the woman’s lawyers in the current case, obtained by the Sun-Times, say “the initial cause of action arose out of the alleged misconduct by Curry of criminal sexual abuse and battery.”

According to a source familiar with the 2005 lawsuit, the woman alleged she and Curry had “sexual contact” for a six-month period in 2001 when she was 14 and Curry was 18.

Somehow, Curry was never charged. Probably because he promised her money back in the day. But unless Curry comes off some cash, it looks like he may be spending a little jail time anyway.

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