And Here’s The Billboard That The Miami Heat Are Using To Help Convince Dwyane Wade To Stay

Billboards have become the go-to media for desperate organizations that are either trying to convince a star to sign with their team or to convince a star to resign with their team. So it shouldn’t surprise you that the Miami Heat organization is definitely desperate to re-sign their star, and that they’ve turned to a billboard to do so.

Here’s said billboard.

And here are the details behind it all.

The Miami Heat is continuing to ramp up pressure on its superstar guard to re-sign with the team through its We Want Wade campaign.

The team has put up a billboard with the signature portion of a contract on the 79th Street Causeway hoping to capture Wade’s attention. It simply includes the dotted line with an X, Wade’s name and an arrow indicating where to sign.

If Wade does re-sign, the team is exploring having Wade actually sign the giant billboard.

So what happens to the billboard if Wade doesn’t re-sign? I’m thinking fire will be involved.

Miami Heat seeking D Wade signature (Sun Sentinel)

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