Will LeBron Ever Win A NBA Title?

When you think of the greatest player in NBA history Michael Jordan comes to mind.

When a player is compared to MJ, even if in just one category, you expect greatness at all times, especially during the post-season.

Now that Kobe Bryant has began his physical decline, James is now considered to be the next Michael Jordan. Physically, no doubt, he measures up, but his toughness and leadership skills are still in development.

In his defense, the two-time MVP has lived up to and exceeded the hype that preceded his entry into the league. Frankly, he’s better than we all thought he’d be and has re-written the record books of the Cavalier franchise.

Though he’s great, will he ever lead a team to a NBA title? He’s been there once, back in 2007, but was swept by the Spurs.

Jordan never lost in the NBA finals, 6-0, so we know he’ll never rack up a record like that. Even Kobe has lost a couple of NBA Finals series, he’s 4-2.

Despite his failed attempt at a title, I truly believe LeBron James is the greatest player in the league right now, but I don’t believe he possesses all of the necessary traits needed to be a great champion.

He’s rich, arrogant, maybe he should be, and has the world at his fingertips. What can motivate a man that has everything to strive for more? Maybe pride, loyalty to his team or just a desire to become the best ever.

Either way, sore elbow or not, LeBron’s performance in the playoffs will mold how we will remember him. 20 years from now, we won’t remember the 60+ win seasons he and and his teammates accumulated nor the MVP’s, but the question will be, How many rings does Lebron James have? To date, zero.

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  1. Will Solo says:

    Kobe is actually 5-2… The first 3 Peat and then the back to back these past two years.

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