Who Knew A Soccer Match Had To Go 35 Hours To Break A Guinness World Record?

I sure didn’t. And you didn’t either, so don’t lie. I know that you didn’t because the prior record was a mere 33 hours. But for some reason, The All Stars and Cambray FC weren’t satisfied with just setting a new record. They wanted to crush it.

If you think 90 minutes of football is long enough for a match, then imagine having to sit through – or play – a 35-hour game.

The longest ever game of football ended today with a 333 to 293 scoreline.

The All Stars were eventually victorious after a marathon 35 hours on the pitch against Cambray FC in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

They have now smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest match ever played – the previous record was 33 hours.

Now that you’ve just wrapped your brain around that 35 hours of soccer has been played, let me turn your world upside down one more time. Their initial plan was to play for 40 hours straight.

The 36 footballers, who came from churches around the area, had planned to play for 40 hours, but torrential rain made the pitch unsafe.

The teams were raising £30,000 to build a school for poverty-stricken children in India.

Now the question becomes, what did you do in the last 40 hours? Oh, nothing? Well then, on to what these lads had to go through. That’s way more interesting.

Each squad had 18 players, who each raised £1,000 for the game, and every player had to stay on the pitch for three hours at a time.

Every three hours there was a five-minute break for substitutions. And for every hour on the pitch, the players earned a five-minute break.

None of the players were allowed to leave the area around the pitch so tents were pitched along the sidelines, while invigilators watched.

Commendable feat. Crazy, but commendable.

Teams battle for 35 hours to break record for longest ever football match (Daily Mail)

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