When Cake Decorating Goes Wrong

So there was a shindig today in Washington to celebrate legendary Braves’ manager, Bobby Cox. Instead of the focus being on Cox, the focus was on how his name was spelled on the cake and the cover up that Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal Constitution uncovered.

I just spoke to Sheridan Watson, Isakson’s spokesperson, who confirmed the gaffe and gave this accounting of the day’s events: “Bobby and the players came to the Hill and spoke at our staff meeting. Immediately after the staff meeting, he and players posed for pictures and signed baseballs for our staff members. The scheduler and I then went to the Capitol to get ready for the reception. The catering company had delivered the cake and we immediately realized his last name was spelled incorrectly. The only people who saw it were me, the scheduler and unfortunately some media members who had arrived early and took pictures. We immediately started cutting the cake.”

Watson said she informed a Braves spokesperson of what happened. She wasn’t sure if Cox ever was told.

And what happened to those pieces of cake that were cut out?

“We smeared the icing so you couldn’t make out what it said,” she said.
And then they were served.

Those darn media members. Always getting pictures that no one is supposed to see.

Cake honoring Bobby Cox has unfortunate misspelling (AJC)

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