Wade, Other Top Free-Agents To Discuss Possible Destinations

Dwyane Wade has major problems with how the Chicago Bulls treat their former Hall of Fame players, namely Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Why would Wade care how the Bulls treat their legendary champions? After all he currently plays for the Miami Heat, but with free agency rapidly approaching, July 1, he’s checking out the philosophy and credibility of all his potential suitors.

It doesn’t stop there, Wade has openly stated that he, along with other sought after free agents: LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson, will have a sit down to discuss their future plans.

“(Free agency) has been three years coming,” Wade said. “We’ve discussed it prematurely, at different times….I think we’ll all sit down, and before one of us makes a decision, all of us will have spoken to each other and (listened to the) thinking.”

Oh, how the game has changed. Could you imagine twenty or even ten years ago NBA stars openly discussing their future plans with the media and with their on-court rivals? What if Magic and Bird decided they wanted to play together in the mid 80’s or Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon in the 90’s, where would the NBA be today if that had occurred?

As it stands now, parity still exist in the NBA, though many teams have stacked the decked with two or three All-Star caliber players on their rosters, but most of those unions have taken place when the primary players were past their prime.

What if Wade, James, Johnson, Stoudemire, Bosh and Boozer, all All-Stars 30-years old and younger, proclaimed that they are pairing up and and all going to teams on the East coast? I can tell you what would happen, the rest of the NBA would be playing solely for paychecks and the love of the game.

Report:Wade wonders of Bulls are dissing MJ (FOX Sports)

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