Texans’ WR Johnson Wants New Contract $

Houston Texans’ All-Pro WR Andre Johnson is searching for a new contract.

The 28-year-old currently is playing under a 8-year/$60M contract that was renewed 3 years ago.

Since the renewal of that contract, Johnson has become, arguably, the best WR receiver in the NFL; he’s led the league in receptions over the past two seasons.

So you may ask? Why isn’t $60M enough? Well, a precedent has already been established in professional sports. If you are the best player at your position in your sport, in this case the NFL, then no other players should make more than you do.

Wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall, both have contracts that are superior to Johnson’s.

Johnson initially planned to miss team practices until the contract dispute was settled, but Texans GM Rick Smith has a policy that dictates he only discusses contract terms with players participating in team activities, genius right.

Hence, Johnson was in practice this morning, while his uncle and agent, family and money never work, Andre Melton met with team officials.

Andre Johnson plans to attend Texans’ practice (AP via FOXSports.com)

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  1. MiseducatedBlac says:

    This guys a class act. Top 10, maybe 5 players n the league. Pay the man!


  2. Los Brown says:

    I agree, but if they don't pay him soon a SuperBowl contender will.

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