Nets Owner’s Five Year Plan Is Aggressive To Say The Least

Mikhail Prokhorov is unlike most NBA owners. He’s Russian for one. He has PLENTY money to blow. And probably the biggest difference between Prokhorov any many NBA owners is that his sense of the reality of the NBA is way distorted. I mean, WAY distorted.

Typically, the worst team in the NBA doesn’t turn into a championship caliber team overnight. It’s a process and it takes time. The majority of the NBA understands this. The minority, consisting of Prokhorov, doesn’t understand this. So it shouldn’t surprise you that he has put together a five year plan that would make Al Davis shake his head in disagreement.

“If everything goes as planned, I expect us to be in the playoffs next season and championship in one year minimum and maximum in five years,” Prokhorov says in his 2:07 message.

We will have the desire to win that will be unmatched anywhere in the league. This will be the first-class organization with all the support it needs in terms of resources and stability in the front office and state-of-the-art arena to play in,” Prokhorov said. “This will be the first truly global team in the NBA with exceptional international exposure no other team can [match].

“There will be fans of the Nets from New Jersey to Brooklyn to Moscow, and I feel pretty sure I can convince the very best of the best that the Nets are the place they want to be.”

It’s good to be optimistic, but Prokhorov is just talking crazy.

Prok’s 5-year Nets title plan (New York Post)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No guts, no glory!

  2. S. Evans says:


  3. Peter Wilderness says:

    He is dead on. The Nets are going to have the biggest change in wins in NBA History from 2010 to 2011. It doesn't take a genius to realize what is about to happen. HINT HINT

  4. S. Evans says:

    Don't hold your breathe there, Peter

  5. Los Brown says:

    The Nets will be the Nets next year. Maybe they'll get 20 wins, but thats it. It's not like Lebron is heading there.

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