Nationals’ Owner Participates In Batting Practice, Ends Up Leaking

Yesterday started as a typical day for Nationals’ owner, Mark Lerner. He woke up at whatever time he wakes up, grabbed whatever he eats for breakfast, and at some point he headed down to the ballpark. He then gets decked out in his full on Nationals uniform to catch some fly balls during batting practice. Typical right?

But things turned atypical once Lerner lost a ball in the sun, only to find it again on the bridge of his nose. And that’s when things get messy.

Lerner, as he occasionally does, was shagging fly balls in full Nationals uniform alongside his team. Standing in right field, where the sun made it difficult to see, Lerner settled under a fly ball. The ball barely glanced off his glove and drilled Lerner, 56, on the bridge of his nose, right between the eyes.

“I’ve never seen blood gush that fast out of someone,” said one Nationals player.
A trainer rushed to his aid, and Lerner had to be walked off the field with a towel held to his bleeding forehead. Lerner, happily, is doing fine now.

And with that, Mark Lerner now officially knows how it feels to be a Washington National.

Mark Lerner’s batting practice misadventure (Washington Post)

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