Montreal Canadiens Fans Celebrate Win Over Penguins The Only Way They Know How, With A Riot

The Montreal Canadians pulled off a shocking 5-2 Game 7 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals last night. And how does Montreal fans celebrate when their team pulls off a shocking victory over the defending Stanley Cup champs? Let us count the ways.

1. Vandalism
2. Bottle tossing
3. Looting
4. Crowd surfing
5. Fire setting
6. Cops in full on riot gear

Sounds like a party to me.

MONTREAL — Police regained control of the downtown core early Thursday after firing tear gas at hundreds of bottle-tossing youths who looted businesses following the Montreal Canadiens’ Game 7 victory in Pittsburgh.
The vandalism occurred after most of the tens of thousands of jubilant hockey fans left the area.

Looters wrapped their faces in garments — in some cases the ones they’d stolen — and dashed into a liquor store. With their identities concealed, they leaped through the smashed front window and emerged moments later with their arms full.
Rows of black-clad riot officers charged in from the peripheries, rattling their shields as a warning to the crowd before firing tear-gas canisters. Police said about 25 people were arrested and two officers sustained minor injuries.

Shortly after the Canadiens’ 5-2 victory over the Penguins, fireworks erupted over Ste-Catherine Street as people crowd-surfed and held aloft trinkets including Stanley Cup replicas and a stuffed penguin.

All that sounds spectacular and all, but words sometimes can’t explain what needs to be explained. That’s why we have video, my friends. Thank you, Canadian brothers.

If their beloved Canadiens win the Stanley Cup, they just might blow the entire city up. It would make for great theatre.

Montreal police clash with rowdy youths (AP)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a montrealer and it upsets me to see MY town painted this way.. Yes, there are riots everytime the Montreal Canadians reach the series. I am sure it's always the same idiots that cause the cahos. It only take one of them morons to break a windows and everyone esle follows! This event happend 4 hours after the game… trust me, the true fans were already in bed! Hopefully the police will be more agressive for the next games. This is unacceptable!!!

    A pissed-off fan.

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