Let’s Start The Day With A College Baseball Bench Clearing Brawl

Think back with me……When was the last time you’ve seen a college baseball bench clearing brawl? Been awhile, huh? Well, a college baseball bench clearing brawl was what we got in a game between Elon and Citadel. And make no mistake, this wasn’t a few guys pushing and shoving. Oh no. This was a brawl with a capital B.

Here are some highlights:

- Police had to break things up
- Players have already been suspended
- Citadel coach, Fred Jordan emerged with a lame left shoulder

Yes, a bonafide brawl awaits you.

Oh, and just in case you’re interested, Citadel actually won the GAME 6-3.

Video via ABC News 4

Bulldogs Fight Back (The Post and Courier)

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