If You Weren’t Convinced That Josh McDaniels Loves Tim Tebow, This Should Help

All the reactionary columns about the Denver Broncos drafting Tim Tebow in the first round of the NFL Draft have been written and discussed. Yes, you think Josh McDaniels was out of his mind for drafting Tebow so high. Yes, I think Josh McDaniels was out of his mind for drafting Tebow so high. But we’re all missing the most important thing in all of this. Josh McDaniels loves Tim Tebow.

No, you don’t understand. Josh McDaniels LOVES Tim Tebow. It’s the type of love that can cause a man to have a picture of Tim Tebow frozen on the television in his office. That kind of love.

No, I’m not making this up. But I kinda wish I was. And just a warning, it gets crazier. Specifically when McDaniels starts using Tebow and Tom Brady in the same thought. Love makes you say crazy things sometimes.

“I think the thing about Tim is what everybody calls the ‘It’. There are those kind of people that have that ‘It,’ ” the coach said emphatically this week in his office at Dove Valley. On the wall beside McDaniels’ desk is a large TV, and frozen on the flat screen was Tim Tebow, in his orange Broncos practice jersey with a football by his left ear — a start button for throwing a pass.

McDaniels looks at the image of the Broncos’ rookie quarterback and compares Tebow’s “It” factor to another quarterback he directly coached for five seasons in New England.

“When Tom (Brady) came to us in 2001, I wasn’t on the offensive side of the ball, but I can remember the feeling in the building was that he had something that nobody else had . . . and how strongly he felt that ultimately he would be a great player. It was obviously apparent in subsequent seasons.

“I think when you get a guy, and he’s waiting for me to tell him he’s going to be a great player, we might be waiting a long time,” he said.
McDaniels respected the confidence Brady showed then and admires the confidence Tebow shows now.

“That confidence affects everybody,” he said. “We could see it last week at rookie camp. There were a bunch of rookies out there with no confidence, except him. He’s got such confidence that he will just not let himself fail.

There are many more words to read in this column, but you shouldn’t need much more convincing. The bottom line is that Josh McDaniels drafted Tim Tebow in the first round because he loves him. And maybe because he likes the way Tebow looks in a jersey. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Paige: McD says Tebow has the “It” factor (Denver Post)

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  1. Wifey & I were listening to commentators on Washington REDSKINS vs. Dullas Plowboys and they said, (Offensive coordinator & head coach got together and DESIGNED plays just for RGIII’s spread/ read-option offense !!! THAT’S RIGHT: THEY DESIGNED PLAYS
    Look at moron boy Sparano and G-R-E-A-T- BIG FAT F&*KERER Rex Ryan. Tebow can contribute soooo much to the offense but NOT if they only play him two downs a game: WT
    Heck. EVERYBODY knows when Tebow is sent in it’s for a QB draw up the middle.
    HOPEFULLY, Tebow will land somewhere like New England where Coach Billicheck already converted a QB ( Julian Edelman ) to wide out. #11 .
    O would LAUGH if next year the JETS have to face New England TWICE with Tebow in as wide out, full back, special teamer,
    P,S, Jets NEED a running game; Jets NEED wide-outs who come back to the ball like Larry Fitzgerald (AZ Cardinals). There is SOOO much room for improvement.
    Tebow isn’t the problem; he WAS part of the solution.
    Tebow is a winner. Please contribute to his non-profit: http://www.timtebowfoundation.org

  2. We love Jesus Christ, God’s Son and Savior.
    We also love Tim Tebow, brother in the LORD, AMEN?

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