The evolving sex life of Alex Rodriguez

For a while, I thought A-Rod’s life would resemble one of a respectable loving husband and father, but a few years in New York changed that possibility.

I don’t doubt he’s a great father but he failed as a husband. No, I’m not bashing his character or being a hypocritical cynic, if I were tempted by thousands of beautiful women, I’d give in eventually myself.

The point here is while in New York, Alex Rodriguez and his sexual trysts participants have varied and ,of late, have evolved to include A-list celebrities.

Cynthia Rodriguez, A-Rod’s ex-wife, filed for divorce in 2008 claiming “emotional abandonment” and “extra-marital affairs” as the reasons.

At that point A-Rod’s choice in women were questionable for a man of his stature. The hairdresser and former stripper Candice Houlihan, the madam Kristin Davis and the exotic dancer Joslyn Morse were among Rodriguez’s conquests.

Sure, sex is sex to a cheating husband and flirting with danger is the way rich New Yorkers get down, but if you want to stay married and avoid a multi-million $ payday for your future ex, you may want to pick more suitable sex partners.

Today, Alex finally understands how the game goes. If you’re going to have a steamy sexual relationship, make sure your ‘friend with benefits’ has just as much to lose as you do if it goes south.

Madonna, Kate Hudson and most recently Cameron Diaz have tasted the ol’ A-Rod mojo. All of these women are A-list entertainers and lead similar lives. They get paid millions to entertain fans, live privacy-free lives and love the limelight.

I applaud A-Rod for stepping his game up, but I will caution him not to marry unless he marries up. Yeah, he signed a 10-year/$275M contract in 2007, but in New York you can find a woman that makes more than that, Tom Brady did.

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