Cleveland Fans Should Brace For The Worst

The Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated in the Eastern Conference Semis by the Boston Celtics on Thursday May 13th.

On Friday May 14th, the mural of LeBron James on the Quicken Loans Arena was taken down. If the franchise isn’t able to persuade James to stay, then the entire building may be tore down during the post LeBron riot.

Will he leave? Will he stay? Those questions have been pondered, at least, for the last two years. Over the past two days, we’ve gotten thousands of answers and predictions from NBA analysts, sports writers and bloggers.  Pure speculation.

The man we need to hear from, James, has declined to give the public any indication of his future decision.

Chicago, New Jersey, New York and even Miami have been mentioned as possible destinations for the James. Not to mention, the package deals that would include coaches, James/John Calipari or James/Doc Rivers.

Is this what the game has become? A hallowed shell of the glory years of yesterday. I mean, the season is still ongoing. Four teams still have a chance to claim the 2010 NBA title, but obviously LeBron’s journey is more entertaining, perhaps.

Either way, Cleveland has seen the last of LeBron, at least as their player. LeBron is all but outta there.

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