Who Was Better: The 1997-98 Tennessee Vols Or The 2009-2010 UConn Huskies?

First off, congratulations to UConn for winning the Huskies Invitational tournament. Now that we got that out of the way, I keep hearing that this is the best team in NCAA history. I would like to agree but the 97-98 Tennessee Vols was on the same level as this UConn team. So I ask you, who do you think is better?

Let’s compare the star players for each team. As we know the top player on UConn’s team is Maya Moore and she is the best player in the nation. But if you compare her to Chamique Holdsclaw, it’s not even close. If you don’t know who Holdsclaw is, I think you need to Google her because she was the real deal. Holdsclaw averaged 23.5 PPG that season while Moore averaged 18.8 PPG this season. The other four starters for that Vols team were Tamika Catchings, Semeka Randall, Kellie Jolly, and Kyra Elzy. When you compare them to Tina Charles, Tiffany Hayes, Kalana Greene, and Caroline Doty, Charles is the only one that would make an impact on that Tennessee team.

Both teams had solid benches, but the X-factor in this would be Catchings. As a freshman that year, she averaged 18.2 PPG and no one other than Moore would be able to slow her down. I give the edge to the 97-98 Vols but opinions vary. So who do you think was better?????????

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