Unfortunately, There Will Be No Dancing Girls On The Dugout At Wrigley Field

When a new owner takes over a franchise, there are always changes. New directions, new strategies, and new promotions. So with the Ricketts family now in charge of the Chicago Cubs, the time is now to hit them with any new ideas you may have. Elliott Harris of the Chicago Sun Times is aware of this fact, and he didn’t waste any time floating his idea to chairman Tom Ricketts.

After [Ricketts] and his family attended a recent Blackhawks game at the United Center, Quick Hits wondered:

Is there a chance of seeing the baseball equivalent of the Ice Crew at Wrigley dancing on the dugout or wandering through the stands?

”There are no plans to add any of that at the moment,” he told this column exclusively [because, face it, who in his right mind would ask such a question?].

Well, how about keeping that in the back of open minds for a possibility in the future?

”You can throw that in the suggestion box,” he said.

”It’s funny,” Ricketts said. ”I was in the Dominican Republic over the winter, and we went to one of the Dominican winter league games. And they have the girls that dance on the dugouts between innings. It’s well-received down there.”
Can such entertainment make the transition and/or translation to Wrigley?

”I don’t … ,” he said, his voice — and the conversation — tailing off.
An indication he undoubtedly was contemplating the possibility. No?

Valiant effort, Mr. Harris. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Keep fighting the good fight.

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