Things Just Keep Getting Worse And Worse For Ben Roethlisberger

Ben RoethlisbergerUsually when one dodges having charges brought against them, things begin to look up. Not so much for Ben Roethlisberger. First, it was the details of what exactly happened in Milledgeville that night. Now comes word that Ben had a run-in with another young lady while he was in the area.

During their investigation, the GBI also came across an unsubstantiated allegation that a drunken Roethlisberger had made unwanted advances on another young woman who lives in the Milledgeville area.

During a party at Roethlisberger’s house, the quarterback allegedly pulled his pants down and told the woman she could “do whatever she wants,” the GBI report states.

A week later, Roethlisberger invited her to a party where he allegedly forced his hand up the young woman’s skirt, according to the report.
She was able to escape and informed her father of the incident, the report states. The father apparently encouraged his daughter not to pursue a criminal complaint.

Wow. Just wow.

GBI report: Accuser claims Roethlisberger forced her to have sex (AJC)

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