Shane Mosley Says Floyd Mayweather May Have Done Steroids Without Actually Saying It

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane MosleyIf you didn’t know, Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather are schedule to go at it on May 1st. So you know that means that they will continuously flap their gums about one another until then.

Now while Mayweather has chose to comment on Mosley’s fashion sense, dry curl, and whether or not he’s had a nose job, Mosley has chosen to go for the gusto and link Mayweather to steroids by not actually saying he took them. Makes perfect sense, right?

“You know what’s crazy to me? Everybody on his whole team, his security guards, look like they’re on steroids. They all look like they’re on ‘roids. I don’t understand it,” said Mosley in an interview with Andrew Siciliano and Mychal Thompson on ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles.

“I noticed that Floyd always shaves his head all the time. His head is shaved, it’s starting to look a little bigger. He has all these people around him that are on steroids maybe he dibbled and dabbled a bit. The guys that usually talk about it all the time — steroids, steroids — they’re usually the ones on it.”

More double talking coming right atcha.

Siciliano then pressed Mosley on if he was accusing Mayweather of being on performance-enhancing drugs.

“I said usually, I didn’t accuse him. I’m not accusing anybody of anything,” Mosley said. “Usually, when somebody’s saying different things all the time … he wanted to talk about my suit, curls in my hair, getting a nose job … is he funny? Is he gay or something? Why does he need to know all these different things about my personal stuff?

“You’ve got to watch out. There’s different things that doesn’t sound right. Like I said, you look at those (security) guys going into the gym. They look like they’re on ‘roids, for real. You got that kind of company around you, nine times out of 10 you’re doing something.”

So there you have it. Shane Mosley just said that Floyd Mayweather has done steroids. But he didn’t say Floyd Mayweather has done steroids.

Those are definitely fighting words.

Shane Mosley: Maybe Floyd Mayweather has ‘dibbled and dabbled a bit’ with steroids (Grand Rapids Press)

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