Ron Artest Is Growing A Playoff Beard Like No Other Playoff Beard You’ve Ever Seen

The playoffs are just around the corner. Are you ready? I am. Mainly because it’s the only brand of NBA basketball I can stomach to watch. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

Pictured above is Ron Artest in his element. His element being, doing anything that rational people wouldn’t do. Well for the playoffs, Ron Artest plans to take another trip to his element. Because once again, Ron-Ron plans to sport a blonde hair-do. But this time, he’s gonna take it a bit further and grow a beard to match. Yes, Ron Artest will have blond hair and a blonde beard.

And what’s even more surprising? It wasn’t even his idea.

Naw man, I aint playing.

Ron Artest showed up to the Tuesday morning shoot-around with a new blond dye job … and it wasn’t his idea.

Artest wasn’t going to color his hair this soon after his forgettable one-game experience with a freshly dyed lid last month in Orlando, but he said he was coerced by reserve center DJ Mbenga, who also had his hair colored blond. They did it together at a local barber shop.

D@#n you, DJ Mbenga. D@#n you!

Said Mbenga: “I’m just trying to have fun. I kind of like it.”

I guess when you have no chance of making it off the bench, you gotta find ways to have fun, right?

But what about the beard?

Lamar Odom overheard the conversation between Artest and reporters and revealed his plans to A) grow a playoff beard and B) color it blond.

“Hopefully by Sunday,” he said.

And there you have it, folks. On Sunday, Ron Artest will once again be in his element.

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