New Orleans Saints’ VP Of Communications Also Struggles With The Truth

Last week we put you on to New Orleans Saints VP of Communications, Greg Bensel’s struggles with coming up for an explanation for how the organization was handling the elimination of tickets for some season ticket holder. In the aftermath, we’ve learned two things:

1. In what seems to retaliation for getting this story moving, Pro Football Talk has learned that the Saints have removed WWL-TV from the team’s press-release list, and the Saints have informed WWL-TV that texts, e-mails, and calls from WWL-TV reporters won’t be returned.

2. According to a season ticket holder that emailed us, Bensel’s explanation is littered with untruths.

So let’s get into what exactly Bensel has or hasn’t lied about.

April 8th:

I am one of the Season Ticket holders losing their tickets. Everything Mr. Bensel said in his responses is false.

For one, I did not receive one phone call or e-mail from the ticket office about my seats not being available for this coming season. I called the ticket office at the end of last week to check on why I had not received my renewal notice and was informed that my seats will be gone. I was told that I will be contacted in May “IF” they have alternate seats to offer me. Also, the new seats offered may not be comparable or in the same price range as my previous seats. They claim to have left me two messages and such, but as I told the agent on the phone that is a bold faced lie. I have emailed my season ticket agent multiple times trying to get some answers with no response. When it came time for me to pay for my playoff tickets last year I received three phone calls and an email all in one day. For this I was not notified one bit until I called personally. As far as this being “known” for a long time, it was not, I had absolutely no clue about any of this until I called the ticket office myself.

Second, they say the seats affected are in the last 3-4 rows of certain sections. My seats are 8 rows from the top of the Superdome. That’s a pretty large difference in my opinion.

There are 1200 seats being effected by this change. We have started a website The Missing 1200 for all of us who have lost our seats. We are all just absolutely flabbergasted. I feel like something should be done for all of those being effected by this. Every story last year leading up to the Super Bowl last year talked about how much the “people of New Orleans” and the city itself meant to the Saints organization, and how the season was for “the people” as much as it was for the team!!! Is this how they repay us? Is this what we get for loving and supporting a team through so many horrible years? We sit in our seats every Sunday and support the Black and Gold. We finally see “OUR SAINTS” make it to the promised land and all of our hopes and prayers come true, and what do we get for our support? We get to hang in limbo not knowing if we will even be able to be in the Dome to see the Championship Banner drop at the first game next season. We get the possibility of being thrown onto a waiting list AGAIN to wait for new tickets that some of us may not be able to afford.

I would hate to be one sided on this, so light has to be shed on the Saints’ attempt to put this worried season ticket holder’s mind at ease. Here’s an email he received on April 9th. Essentially the Saints’ idea of a peace offering:

We will call everyone again around mid May with seating options and to go from there.

Yep, looks like Greg Bensel has this all under control.

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