New Orleans Saints’ VP Of Communications Struggles With Communication

Even after a dream season that culminated in a Super Bowl Victory, all is not well in New Orleans. Particularly for a group of Saints season ticket holders who look to be losing their tickets because of new construction in the Super Dome.

Clearly a hot topic in New Orleans, WWLTV reporter, Bigad Shaban decides to try to get answers for the common folk. So he reaches out to Greg Bensel, who just so happens to be the VP of Communications for the Saints, because surely Bensel would have all the answers and would be willing to supply them in a timely and professional manner. Boy, was Shaban wrong.

We’ll start with Shaban’s first email to Bensel dated March 18th.

Hi Greg,

I’m working on a story for our newscast tonight about SAINTS season ticket holders being called by the box office and told they no longer have their seats because of construction inside the DOME. I’m hoping to do a quick interview with someone from the SAINTS to get more information on this.
Please call my cell as soon as you can

Deadline: 6:30pm today

Pretty straightforward right? But seemingly is wasn’t straightforward enough for a response. So Shaban’s stays at it sending follow up emails, until he sends this one on March 30th that finally gets Bensel talking.

Hi Greg,

I’m following up on my original media request from 11 days ago (see below).
Can you please let me know exactly which sections and which rows in the Superdome will be impacted by the 1200 or so seaston tickets being removed this season?


And Bensel’s long awaited response?

Don’t know I am in New York at NFL Films meetings…


The two decide to discuss once Bensel is back in the office the following Monday. And as expected, Bensel has an email from Shaban waiting for him when he returns.

Hi Greg,

I hope u had a good weekend.
I look forward to hearing back from you today on the specific rows and sections that make up the 1,200 eliminated Superdome seats.

Thanks in advance.

And from here, we’ll let Greg Bensel have the floor all to himself.

Bigad, quick question…how long will this epic story run?? …are you guys doing a mini-series??…our ticket guy stanfield is in touch with everyone affected and his working closely with them…outside of breaking news and a you guys running a crawl during the daytime soaps, I think this story has been well covered…the sections are 635 to 645 last few rows…keep in mind that these upcoming improvements to the dome are and have been well documented for years, by your station in fact, and the game day experience and making sure our fans are our top priority, remains our top priority

And one more just for good measure.

The rows vary in each section, but mostly are last few rows, anywhere from the last two to last 4-5 in some sections…and so you are aware…we (THE SAINTS) have reached out to all of those affected, if SAINTS TICKET HOLDERS have any questions about this very public story, about their accounts, they normally will call us and get the information, rather than the WWL-AM news department…if you receive any calls from a fan about their account please feel free to refer them to 731-1700, the saints ticket office…we can help them


E-mail exchange between Eyewitness News and Saints spokesman (WWLTV)

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