Nets Players Celebrate The Ending Of Their Season With Tequila Shots And Blondes

The NBA season has come to an end. A number of teams have been looking forward to this day because now their real season begins. The New Jersey Nets however, have been looking forward to this day because it would finally end the pain and agony of a 12-69 season.

So like every end to a horrible situation, a celebration was clearly in order. But some Nets players weren’t gonna wait until their season was officially over. Oh no. They needed to celebrate BEFORE their final game.

But honestly. Can anyone blame them?

Most athletes rest the night before a big game. But not the New Jersey Nets, who spent the eve of their season finale against the Miami Heat partying in the Florida Room at the Delano. Devin Harris, Terrence Williams, Courtney Lee, Tony Battie and Bobby Simmons were downing tequila shots with a bevy of hot blondes into the early hours yesterday. One fan of the 12-69 team told them, “Maybe with a little more partying, you guys could play better.”

Just in case you’re wondering, those tequila shots didn’t help them on the court. They managed to lose to the Heat’s JV squad in double overtime. A fitting end to their season.

Nets party before big game (NY Post)

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