Mayweather v. Mosley: Who’s gonna win?

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather(40-0) and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley(46-5) will face off in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday May1, 2010.

Mayweather, 33 and Mosley, 38 are considered two of the best welterweights of all-time, but this fight would have been more interesting if it occurred five years ago when both fighters were still in their prime.

The ever arrogant Mayweather stands to gain the WBA Welterweight championship belt with a win; he vacated the WBC belt during his brief retirement after the Ricky Hatton fight in December of 2007.

So who has the advantage? Mayweather is quicker and Mosley is bigger and stronger. Though Mayweather has won the battle of the words, as he usually does, his confidence heading into the ring is shaky.

In every interview, Mayweather continuously brings up Mosley’s steroid use back in 2003 and the fight’s contract has a rematch clause. Mayweather has made sure that a rematch is granted if he loses.

Are these the actions of, in his words, ‘the greatest fighter of all-time’? I think not. My prediction, Mosley will with a 7th round KO and then we will learn if Mayweather has a humble bone in his body.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bottom line mayweather wuld beat the mess out of that boy.No question about it.Not jus bcuz hes HELLA FINE!But he got super hands!I love you MAYWEATHER

  2. Los Brown says:

    You were right! Mosley was no match for Mayweather, I must admit that I was wrong, it's time for Mosley to retire.

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