Live From The Message Boards: The Fallout From The Jaguars First Round Of The Draft

Tyson Alualu

The first round of this year’s NFL Draft had many surprises. The biggest surprise had to be when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected defensive tackle Tyson Alualu from Cal. Well as a native of Jacksonville, I can honestly say that the city was on fire last night. I have never seen so many people pissed off in my life. So I went to a Jaguars message board and all hell had broken loose. Let’s go through some of the post that I thought were award worthy.


Just to let you know, the Gene he is referring to is Jaguars general manager, Gene Smith.

WVsNumeber1WR: What kind of pick was that? lol We’re the new Raiders.

That is a bold statement and even though this was a terrible pick, I don’t think the Jags are on that level just yet.

Jagjer: Clausen on the board and we take a late 1st early 2nd round projection….some things never change. Our record won’t.

He is very correct about that. The Jags are looking at a 3-13 or 4-12 season.

Jagjer also takes the time to look ahead to the future.

Denver will pick Clausen and he’ll be the next Elway…..meanwhile the LA Jags 2011 second overall pick is……

Many people here in Jacksonville have washed their hands with this team and until Del Rio is gone, I’m done too.

The *OFFICIAL* NFL Draft Thread, who will the Jags pick? (

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