LeBron Is Upset That His Olympic Status Is In Question

We all know that this will be a big summer for LeBron because he is scheduled to become a free agent. In a statement that may have been a result of this fact, last Wednesday, James said that he’s “probably not” going to play in the world championships this summer due to a busy schedule. Well, USA Basketball managing director, Jerry Colangelo has an issue with this and had a few words for anyone who may be thinking about skipping out on their commitment.

Colangelo said Wednesday any player who sat out this summer without a good reason was jeopardizing his chances of playing in the 2012 Olympics in London, telling The Associated Press there are “no free passes, regardless who it is.”

While looking at the American flag (just kidding), LeBron responded with this:

“I think everyone in the USA knows what type of commitment these guys have made, including myself, since 2003,” James told reporters before the Cavaliers’ 117-113 loss in Boston.

“I’m not trying to bash Jerry or anything like that, because he’s a good guy and I respect him. I don’t respect that because of the commitment we’ve all given to the USA. Right off the bat, we didn’t second guess it at all. If we’re jeopardizing being in London, what can we do?”

I agree that LeBron needs to take the summer off because his schedule is going to be crazy. Mainly because after he signs with the New York Knicks, he is going have all types of press conferences and special appearances.

James responds to Colangelo’s US team warnings (AP via Yahoo! Sports)

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