King James’ Mission Begins

Lebron James is averaging 32 points, 10 rebs and 8 assists per game in the postseason. These stats helped the Cleveland Cavaliers officially ended the Chicago Bulls’ season last night with a 96-94 victory in Quickens Loans Arena. With the competitively played 1st round series behind them, the Cavs have a much tougher foe awaiting, the Boston Celtics.

Cleveland and Boston split their four-game series during the regular season, with each team winning once on the others home court.

Most sports writers and fans, from my observations, believe that Cleveland will defeat the Celtics handily, especially with the newly added fire power.

After all, Antwan Jamison and Shaquille O’Neal were brought in for specifically to match up with the big men of the Celtics and Magic.

Up to this point, Shaq’s performance has been below average and Jamison has had brief moments where he displayed his All-Star caliber talent.

Though on the downside of their career, the additions of Shaq and Jamison should be enough to catapult the Cavs over an ever-aging Celtics nucleus.

In short, Lebron James has to lead this team to the NBA championship, he has no excuses. GM Danny Ferry has brought in reliable help and the team is arguably the best in the NBA.

A failure this year, will definitely put James future in Cleveland in jeopardy.

The usually contentious Cavs-Celtics series will begin in Cleveland Saturday on TNT.

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