Kevin Durant Feels Disrespected By Phil Jackson’s Comments

As we all know, the NBA playoffs start Saturday, but the trash talking has already started. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder is getting a lot of extra attention due to Phil Jackson’s comments about Kevin Durant’s star treatment. Well Durant was not amused and even gave nut Jackson some props.

“I respect Phil Jackson,” Durant started. “It really doesn’t matter, to be honest.”

He also addressed why he thinks the comments where made by Jackson followed by a shot at the NBA.

“Ever since KG said something, everybody’s been questioning how I get to the line,” Durant said. “If you watch our games, you wouldn’t question it. The NBA should put us on national TV more, I guess.”

Durant says that the comments have gotten him fired up and explains why he feels disrespected.

“Because it’s taking away from what I do,” Durant said. “That’s a part of my game, getting to the free-throw line and being aggressive. If you say that I get superstar calls or I get babied by the refs, that’s just taking away from how I play. That’s disrespectful to me. I don’t disrespect nobody in this league. I respect every coach, every player, everybody. I never say anything bad about anybody else or question why they do this or do that. So for them to say that about me, I don’t even want to use no foul language.”

If you are a Thunder fan, you should be happy that Jackson made those comments because Durant feels he has something to prove in this series. So Phil Jackson, I hope the mind games were worth it because you have gotten Durant’s attention big time.

Thunder’s Kevin Durant calls Phil Jackson’s remarks ‘disrespectful’ (The Oklahoman)

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  1. To me Durant is way too sensitive, he needs to gain weight and have more of a post up presence. I think the fact that he doesn’t have a title is starting to wear on him.

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